Best Adult Affiliate Programs In 2023

Adult affiliate marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular and lucrative methods for businesses to monetize their websites.

If you’re looking for a way to maximize your website’s potential, adult affiliate marketing might be the perfect fit. With the right approach and strategy, you can turn your website into a profitable venture that will drive traffic, leads, and sales for years to come.

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of adult affiliate marketing programs, from understanding the market to setting up an effective network and referral program. So buckle up—it’s time to dive into the world of adult familiarization!

What is Adult Affiliate Marketing

Are you an adult website owner trying to monetize your traffic? Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative way to increase your income and have more control over the types of products or services you promote.

Over the past several years, adult affiliate marketing programs have proliferated on the internet.

These programs allow adult website owners to team up with hundreds of online vendors and merchants that are related to their sites’ content. This has created a booming industry for adults seeking ways to monetize their traffic.

Adult affiliate programs offer website owners many advantages, such as access to a larger variety of offers than ever before, higher payout rates than traditional advertising models, and increased reach into new markets they may not be able to access through self-promotion.

They also give webmasters an opportunity to learn the ropes of professional affiliate marketing quickly and in a controlled environment.

This article will look at how these programs operate and discuss the benefits they provide adult website owners who wish to monetize their traffic.

Benefits of Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs

Adult affiliate marketing programs offer a great way to generate additional income for your website or business.

With the right strategies in place, you can quickly start earning money from adult-related content, services, or products.

One of the biggest benefits of these programs is that they often offer high commission rates – some as high as 90%.

This means that you can make a substantial amount of money for each successful sale made through your referral link. Additionally, many programs also provide referral commissions and other incentives such as bonus payments or free products.

Finally, these types of programs offer a great way to diversify your income stream. They are easy to set up and require very little maintenance, so you can focus on promoting other products or services while still earning a steady income from referrals.

Looking for an adult affiliate program? Here’s what you need to know!

Looking for the perfect adult site affiliate program? Take a peek at the essential factors to mull over before diving into your porn business venture!

  • Maximize your earnings – See how much you can make with the adult affiliate program by checking out their commission rates!
  • Investigate payment methods for affiliate programs to determine the most beneficial option.
  • Different programs may offer different forms of compensation; consider which payment model is most beneficial for you, depending on your generated sales or traffic.
  • Different adult affiliate programs have varying payment frequencies; choose the one that suits your requirements.
  • You must reach the minimum payout set by the adult affiliate program before you can receive your earnings. Determine which payout option is best for you.

What are the Top Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are numerous adult affiliate marketing programs available right now on numerous adult websites. Some are operated by top adult ad networks, whereas others are affiliate programs of various adult verticals, such as the sex toy industry.

Moreover, CrakRevenue offers more than 2000 products, such as the Jerkmate Affiliate Program. It has bagged 20 awards within 10+ years of relevant industry experience.

Anchor Text: Jerkmate Affiliate Program

Following our research, we have selected the 10 best adult affiliate programs that can help you earn money.

  1. CrakRevenue
  2. AdCombo
  3. ADXXX
  4. CPAMatica
  5. Golden Goose
  6. Paysale
  7. Adsterra
  8. Cherrycash
  9. Awempire
  10. Juicyads

1) CrakRevenue

Revenue modelCPA, PPS, RevShare, DOI, SOI
Commission %Varies
Payment methodsBitcoin, Check, Paxum, ePayService, Paypal, Wire
Payment FrequencyWeekly, Bi-monthly
Minimum payout$100

With a decade of expertise in affiliate marketing, CrakRevenue is highly experienced in the adult affiliate network sector.

Crack Revenue is a leading provider of revenue generation from adult industries and offers one of the most reliable CPA networks in the world.

With the Crack Revenue 2.0 platform, users can access a range of features, as well as over 2000 products for designers, marketers, and affiliate managers.

If you have any problems after registering, Crack Revenue’s customer support is available to help. With their adult affiliate marketing programs, you can also receive a 5% referral commission for each sale.

CrakRevenue provides high-quality solutions for adult affiliate programs and reporting tools to help affiliates review the performance of their campaigns. Additionally, the platform rewards affiliates with referral bonuses when they refer other affiliates to its program.

2) AdCombo

Revenue modelCPA, CPL
Commission %Varies
Payment methodsPayoneer, Paypal, Wire, Paxum, Epayments, WebMoney
Payment FrequencyWeekly
Minimum payout$50

AdCombo is a CPA affiliate network that began in 2014. It specializes in adult content and is continuously expanding its list of programs from leading advertisers.

The adult affiliate program is one of the few networks to specialize in Tier-2 GEOs, which are outside of Tier-1 countries but developed nevertheless.

AdCombo states that Tier-2 offers have the potential to offer adult affiliate marketers lower competition, lower costs-per-click, and improved ROI.

Many adult networks serve ads using a variety of compensation models, with the commonly used Cost-Per-Action (CPA) network supplemented by Cost-Per-Install (CPI), Cost-Per-Sale (CPS), and Cost-Per-Lead (CPL).


Minimum Payout$50
Ad FormatBanner Ad, Native Ad
Payment MethodPayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, ePayments, and Bank Wire Transfer
Payment FrequencyWeekly
Ad servingInternational

ADXXX is a well-known adult advertising network with a global reach of over 180 countries. They offer over ten ad formats and have an average weekly payout of $4500, indicating the success of their adult affiliate programs.

One notable feature of ADXXX is the anti-AdBlock feature, which allows affiliate ads to bypass ad blockers and receive views and clicks that would otherwise be blocked.

When compared to other adult ad programs, ADXXX has a good average CPM rate of 0.08$.

4) CPAMatica

Revenue modelSOI, DOI, PPT, PPS, RevShare
Commission %Up to 19%
Payment methodsPayoneer, Paypal, Crypto, Paxum, Wire, Capitalist
Payment FrequencyWeekly
Minimum payout$50

CPAMatica is a Ukrainian affiliate network that is well-known among adult affiliate networks. It serves adult dating sites and their advertisers, and it has an active affiliate program.

It was established in 2015, making it a newcomer among dating affiliate programs. It has taken over the dating industry, and there are now nearly 1,000 offers available at any given time.

This is a CPA affiliate network, as the name suggests. Several compensation models, such as CPI, CPL, and CPS, may be used in the offers.

While the network works with advertisers from all over the world, affiliates appear to agree that the best adult affiliate offers are for sites with Russian or German traffic.

There are still plenty of offers for sites with English content, which means you can profit from their adult affiliate programs even if you only target English-speaking clients.

5) Golden Goose

Golden Goose
Revenue modelCPA, DCB
Commission %Varies
Payment methodsPaypal, Payoneer, Paxum, WebMoney, Capitalist
Payment FrequencyDaily
Minimum payout$10

Golden Goose is an adult affiliate network that focuses on mobile traffic offers. They are particularly interested in MVAS (Mobile Value-Added Services) offerings.

Mobile products other than voice and data are included in this affiliate program, such as ringtones, live streaming subscriptions, and gaming.

Of course, adult services are included. Every year, billions of dollars are generated by dating apps, adult mobile games, and adult subscription services.

Golden Goose serves over 500 direct advertiser offers in over 50 countries, making their adult affiliate program nearly global in scope.

Golden Goose currently has over 600 different service offers. Their focus on mobile offers has allowed them to claim many offers that are not available elsewhere. They claim to add more than ten new exclusive offers every week.

 6) Paysale

Revenue modelCPC, CPL, CPI, CPA, CPS
Commission %Varies
Payment methodsPaxum, Webmoney, Wire, and Paypal
Payment FrequencyThree times per month
Minimum payout$500

Paysale is the fastest-growing CPA Affiliate Network, with over 3000 dating offers available. Furthermore, Paysale has evolved into a global performance marketing agency focused on developing solutions to meet marketing objectives across the advertising market.

Paysale has developed a comprehensive set of services to assist publishers, media buyers, and agencies in achieving peak performance from their advertising campaigns.

Paysale is motivated by maximizing clients’ ROI. It provides high-quality solutions for online business expansion. It makes use of cutting-edge in-house technology that goes beyond performance marketing.

Paysale has established direct collaboration with advertisers, allowing it to provide its partners with exclusive and more advantageous terms. They offer affiliate programs in the areas of travel, e-commerce, gambling, betting, cryptocurrency, and dating.

Furthermore, Paysale has thousands of affiliate offers in a variety of niches. You can also earn more money through their referral program, which pays a 2% commission.

They have some fantastic affiliate managers who are always willing to assist you. Paysale provides prompt payment.

If you are looking for a CPA Affiliate Network with adult offers, Paysale is an excellent choice.

7) Adsterra

Revenue modelCPA, CPL, CPI
Commission %Varies
Payment methodsWebMoney, Paypal, Paxum, Wire, Bitcoin, Tether
Payment FrequencyBi-Monthly
Minimum payout$5

Adsterra is a global ad network with a monthly reach of 30 billion ad impressions and a robust affiliate program.

In addition to dating, they have adult pay sites and cam sites. The network has over 200 exclusive offers, many of which are in the adult market.

Once accepted, it promises a 100% fill rate for your ad space, similar to many other adult affiliate programs on this list.

Adsterra is more than just a CPA affiliate network. They are a large advertising network with a variety of profit models. However, the majority of their campaigns are CPA-based. For direct traffic, both advertisers and affiliates appear to prefer this model.

This network is notable for paying you in Bitcoin (standard payment methods are also available).

8) Cherrycash

Cherry Cash
Revenue modelCPA, Revshare
Commission %25% lifetime commissions
Payment methodsWire Transfer, PayPal, Paxum, Cryptocurrency
Payment FrequencyMonthly
Minimum payout$100

Cherrycash is a simple adult affiliate marketing program that promotes the Cherry TV streaming service. Because this service combines camming with social media interactions and gamification, its associated affiliate program is quite unique.

This adult affiliate program is notable for paying generous commissions. Every person who signs up receives a 25% lifetime revenue share.

Most of the methods provided by the networks on this list, such as banners and smart links, can be used to promote the service.

This affiliate program’s standard model is revenue sharing, but you can also request a CPA arrangement similar to what you’d find on other adult networks on this list.

Tier 2 referral commissions are also available for each webmaster who signs up through your referral link. You can claim 5% of their lifetime earnings.

9) Awempire

Revenue modelPPS, Revenue Share
Commission %Up to $300 PPS, 35%+ Revenue Share
Payment methodsePayService, Paxum, Paper Checks for U.S. affiliates
Payment FrequencyTwice a month
Minimum payout$100

Awempire is an affiliate marketing network that primarily works with adult websites. Awempire, in addition to some smaller sub-niche sites, is the exclusive partner of LiveJasmin, which no other adult affiliate network can claim.

LiveJasmin is one of the world’s most popular webcam sites (and one of the most visited sites in any category).

Users can pay for a variety of services, including private shows beginning at thousands of dollars. And you can get a piece of that money by joining their affiliate program.

This affiliate network provides some very attractive commissions. A pay-per-sale rate that scales pays you up to $300 for each signup.

Revenue sharing begins at 35% and can increase to more than 50%, which is a fantastic amount for an affiliate program.

Another CPA network that appears on this list is Awempire. Both the CPA profit model and the revenue-share model apply to all conversions in this case. Both rates are subject to increase based on performance.

You can also participate in the referral program. You will receive 10% referral commissions on any income generated by referred adult affiliates for one year.

10) Juicyads

Juicy Ads
Revenue modelCPA, CPC, CPM
Commission %Up to 25%
Payment methodsPayoneer, Paypal, Wire, Check, Paxum
Payment FrequencyWeekly, Monthly
Minimum payout$25

Juicyads bills itself as a network of adult affiliates. Almost all of their affiliate marketing offers are directly related to adult industries, and they work with affiliates and advertisers all over the world, making them one of the most profitable affiliate programs.

The advertising clients with whom you can work on this affiliate network are not openly advertised. They do, however, claim to actively monetize more than 10% of the top Alexa adult websites in the world.

They allow their advertisers to limit offers to only the top-ranked sites around the world.

By referring other publishers to this network, you can earn additional commissions through the referral program.

Understanding the Market

Understanding the adult niche market is essential for successful business operations. Doing thorough research on the landscape your business operates in helps you identify target markets, know customers’ needs and preferences, evaluate competition strategies, and make good decisions on how to best use the available resources.

It also helps you stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with industry trends and key interest areas. Knowing how your business can easily adapt to any changes in the environment is highly important for ensuring its long-term sustainability.

Types of Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs

Adult affiliate marketing programs come in various types. The most common type is the CPA affiliate network. CPA networks connect affiliates with merchants who will pay them for each sale or lead they generate.

Other types of adult affiliate marketing programs include referral programs, which allow affiliates to earn commissions when they refer customers to certain adult products.

Some other adult ads also include a pay-per-click program, which pays website owners for each visitor who clicks on an advertisement.

Each type of adult ad program has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to research the different types before deciding which one is best for a particular website.

Target Audience for Adult Affiliate Programs

When it comes to adult affiliate marketing programs, one of the most important things that you need to consider is your target audience.

Generally speaking, these programs are geared towards adults who are interested in content that is sexually oriented. This could include everything from pornography to adult dating sites.

Due to the nature of this content, these programs are most successful when targeting an audience with a higher-than-average income and age groups of 25-50.

However, depending on the type of website or product being promoted, there may be other demographic factors at play such as gender or region that can also be effective when targeting a specific audience.

By honing in on the right demographics and suggesting products that they’d be likely to purchase, adult affiliates can increase their chances of finding success in this niche market.

Popular Platforms and Services for Adult Content

There are numerous platforms and services available to host adult content. From the streaming video giants like Pornhub to subscription-based sites such as OnlyFans, there’s something for everyone within the adult content sphere.

It’s essential that creators choose the right platform or service when hosting their material, as it could make all the difference in terms of potential success and earnings.

Additionally, opting for a platform that is specifically built for adult content ensures that creators have access to a wide range of tools designed to make it easier to manage their content.

A great example of this is ManyVids: an adult marketplace that provides an easy way for performers to market and monetize their work.

Ultimately, understanding the different types of services available enables creators to make a more informed decision about where their work should be hosted and what kind of experience they can gain from it.

Adult Affiliate Programs
Adult Affiliate Programs
Researching CPA Networks and Commission Rates

Researching CPA networks and commission rates is a critical step for any adult affiliate marketer. For starters, it’s important to understand what type of traffic you’re receiving before deciding on a network and commission rate.

Different CPA networks may offer different rates depending on the type of traffic your website receives. Additionally, some networks may require a minimum amount of traffic before they’ll approve your application.

Once you’ve selected a network and determined the best commission rate, be sure to analyze their terms of service in order to ensure that you’re compliant with all rules and regulations.

Finally, keep an eye out for special deals or promotions that can increase your earnings potential. With careful research and consideration, selecting the right CPA network can be a great way to start earning money from adult affiliate marketing programs.

Steps for Successful Adult Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to monetize your website and generate additional income. However, when it comes to adult affiliate marketing, there are certain strategies that can help you maximize your earnings potential.

First, consider the type of target audience you’re looking to reach and how best to market to them. Additionally, be sure to research different CPA networks and commission rates to find the most profitable option for your website.

Furthermore, take advantage of any special offers or promotions that may increase your commission rate. Finally, focus on creating quality content that will draw in a larger audience while staying true to the niche you’re promoting.

With careful consideration and careful planning, adult affiliate marketing can be a lucrative venture with great rewards.

Establishing an Effective Network and Referral Program

Establishing an effective network and referral program is a great way to increase your adult affiliate marketing profits.

Start by researching and selecting the right affiliate networks and CPA offers that best fit your target audience.

Secondly, make sure that you have the right resources in place so you can track the performance of each of your affiliates.

Finally, create incentives for referral programs such as contests or cash rewards which will help motivate your affiliates to promote more effectively.

With careful planning, an effective network and referral program can be key factors in helping you maximize your affiliate marketing earnings potential.

Structuring Your Advertising Campaigns to Maximize Profitability

When it comes to adult affiliate marketing, structuring your advertising campaigns is key to maximizing profitability. Start by selecting the right offers and ad platforms that best fit your target audience.

Next, consider differentiating between campaigns based on the type of offer you’re promoting. For example, one campaign may be focused on CPA offers while another campaign might be more focused on streaming services or products.

Finally, track and analyze performance metrics such as click-through rates and conversions so you can optimize your campaigns for maximum returns.

With careful planning and analysis of your performance metrics, you can ensure that each of your advertising campaigns is structured for maximum profitability.

Building Relationships with Advertisers and Publisher Partners

Building relationships with your advertisers and publisher partners is essential for success in adult affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate, it’s important to cultivate strong relationships with the companies and individuals you work with, as these relationships can often lead to better commission rates, access to exclusive offers, and more.

Make sure to keep up regular communication with your partners – whether it’s through email or over the phone – so they know they can trust you and depend on you.

Additionally, try to tailor your conversations to their individual interests by offering suggestions or insights that may be helpful for their business.

By taking the time to build positive and productive relationships, you will be well on your way toward a successful adult affiliate marketing program.

Setting Up a Professional Website or Landing Page

Creating a professional website or landing page is key to having a successful adult affiliate marketing program. Not only do you need your site to look good, but it also needs to be easy to navigate and contain all the information necessary for potential customers.

Start by selecting a domain name that reflects the kind of content you are promoting and make sure it is easily remembered.

Next, create content that speaks directly to your target audience and optimizes it for SEO purposes. Finally, consider adding features such as copywriting, social media integration, and an email opt-in form – these will help create more leads for your business.

Above all else, remember that having a professional website or landing page is essential for success in the adult industry!

Leveraging Social Media to Reach More Customers

Social media is an invaluable tool when it comes to adult affiliate marketing programs. With so many potential customers on different platforms, it’s important to make sure that you are leveraging these channels to reach as many people as possible.

Start by creating a strong social media presence across multiple platforms and making sure your content is optimized for each one. Engage with followers by responding to comments and engaging in conversations.

You can also use paid advertising such as sponsored posts and influencer campaigns to increase your reach even further.

By taking advantage of social media, you can significantly expand the reach of your adult affiliate marketing program!


Adult affiliate marketing programs can be incredibly lucrative if done correctly. By taking advantage of social media, you can significantly increase your reach and engage with a larger target audience.

Additionally, it’s important to find the right partner or network that offers competitive commission rates and referral programs.

Finally, make sure to create high-quality content that resonates with your target audience in order to keep them engaged and interested in your adult products or services. With careful planning and execution, you can make a great living from adult affiliate marketing!

FAQ on Adult Affiliate Marketing

– What is an Adult Affiliate Program?

Adult Affiliate Programs are programs designed to help adult business owners increase their sales and profits through an affiliate-based marketing system. This program typically involves publishers (affiliates) using their website or blog to promote products, services, and special offers of a merchant or sponsor in exchange for a commission when a visitor makes a purchase.

This type of program is very beneficial to webmasters because they can earn money while creating unique content and by allowing customers direct access to purchases that would otherwise be difficult to obtain through traditional methods.

– How do I join an Adult Affiliate Program?

Joining an Adult Affiliate Program is a great way to start earning extra money. To join, you simply need to create an account with an affiliate network like Affiliate8 or CJ Affiliate and apply for the adult partner program.

Once approved, you will receive access to promotional links and banners from their program partners such as Brazzers, Beate Uhse, Playboy, Kink, and more. From there, all you have to do is promote those links on your own website or through various marketing and advertising channels such as social media posts and email campaigns.

With hard work and dedication, you can make valuable commissions on every sale that is generated through your referral link.

– What types of commission do Adult Affiliate Programs offer?

Adult Affiliate Programs offer a variety of commission models, including pay-per-click (PPC), cost per acquisition (CPA), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), and revenue sharing. Each model provides different conditions for tracking visitors and customers so that the publisher gets paid fairly.

For example, PPC commissions payout each time a visitor clicks on an affiliate link, while CPA commissions are triggered when a visitor purchases from the merchant’s website. CPM and revenue-sharing models offer more flexibility for publishers to earn income over time.

– Are there any restrictions on what content can be used with an Adult Affiliate Program?

Yes, there are restrictions on the types of content that can be used with an Adult Affiliate Program. All content must adhere to the terms and conditions of the network, which can include obeying copyright laws, dutifully reporting taxes to local governments, and avoiding promoting indecent materials and activities.

In addition, most programs strictly prohibit using pictures or videos that feature children under 18 years old in any offensive way. For this reason, it is important to thoroughly research a program before joining.

– Are there any risks associated with using an Adult Affiliate Program?

Yes, there are risks associated with using an Adult Affiliate Program. Some of these risks include the potential for fraudulent or malicious activity by affiliate program operators, as well as the risk of offensive or inappropriate content appearing on the site that is not intended for general audiences.

Additionally, if you are a minor who joins an adult affiliate program and then promotes adult content or products, you may be subject to legal ramifications. Therefore, it is important to exercise caution and follow all applicable laws and regulations when considering this type of program

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